We are a registered not for profit association

At MBA we recognize that we are empowered to provide a competitive, safe, challenging and fun environment for the young men and women of greater Moncton who choose to play recreational basketball.

We operate teams addressing various age groups, skill levels and objectives of our players.

It is important that we seek volunteers, coaches, and officials who provide outstanding mentorship since we realize that we are not only assisting in molding athletes but children who will one day function as adults, it's important that they witness positive behaviors in all situations.

At MBA, competing is more important than winning, hard work creates success and the value of children playing a game must never be overlooked. We ask all who play a role in our association, players, coaches, officials, volunteers and parents to keep these objectives paramount.... we serve the children!

Tim Wallace

Oversees association operations.

Past President

Provides support to the President.

Vice President
Nick Robichaud

Provides support to the President.

Angelique Reddy-Kalala

Provides support to the President and Vice President and oversees administrative functions.

Peter Graves

Oversees financial reporting and bookkeeping responsibilities.


Simi Chacko, Anne-Sophie Desbles, Roberto DiDonato, Jordan Dixon, Tracy Matthews,
Norval McConnell, Jean Marc Pokou, Olivier Tan