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The Moncton Basketball Association is the longest-standing, most inclusive, accessible, and affordable basketball association in the Moncton area providing the most exposure for youth to basketball skills growth opportunities, competition, and fun! The MBA is a not-for-profit organization.

At MBA, competing is more important than winning, hard work creates success and the value of children playing a game must never be overlooked. We ask all who play a role in our association, players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and parents to keep these objectives paramount.... we serve the children!

MISSION: To grow the game of basketball by making it accessible for youth of all ages and skill levels.

VISION: Every youth who participates in MBA programming is a life-long lover of the game of basketball.

Roberto DiDonato

Oversees association operations.

Past President
Dr Tim Wallace

Provides support to the President.

Vice President
Nick Robichaud

Provides support to the President.

Simone Hanham

Provides support to the President and Vice President and oversees administrative functions.

Peter Graves

Oversees financial reporting and bookkeeping responsibilities.


Justin Banks, Chris Choiniere, Brianne D'Souza, Jordan Dixon, Tracy Matthews, Richard Walker



Executive Director, Tamara Stephen
Recreation Coordinator, Vicky Nadeau
Technical Director, James French